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DD Hokuto no Ken by KAJIO

Can you guess what the “DD” stand for?


Modern day Japan… a peaceful country with no violence, and surely with more than enough food and water! Having no use for their ultimate assassination technique HOKUTO SHNIKEN, Kenshiro and his brothers may have a hard time adapting to everyday society (Just ask their neighbors!) With or without food and water, every day is a struggle to survive in the urban jungle of Tokyo…? At least there’s lots of fun along the way♪

From the Editor

“DD Hokuto no Ken” became a hugely popular TV anime, and the 2nd season of anime is coming soon! A slapstick comedy, cutely based on the “Fist of the North Star” series. Kenshiro and the gang are now cute cartoonish characters, with occasional touches of Hokuto no Ken realism mixed in.Pages full of adorable drawings and hilarious gags, DD Hokuto will have you in fits of laughter!”
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