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Hospitality – The magic that heals, and brings smiles


“Nursing x Concierge” Yuna Mogami, the daughter of a legendary hotel concierge, starts working as a care worker at a nursing home for the elderly – which seems like a nightmare at first. People living out their final years must confront all sorts of personal and family issues– Yuna is under heavy pressure to provide the ulitmate service: “Attending people on their deathbeads” and “Making sure their final moments are happy ones”. Can she deliver her imperial hospitality, for the sake of the people in need-?!

From the Editor:

“Hotel Concierge” and “Nursing” may not seem connected at first, but key to success in both professions is “Hospitality” – the common theme of the “Conciege” series.
Old age is the terminal point of life, that everyone must pass through, hopefully with a smile on their faces as they exit. To achieve that goal, the owner of a nursing house for the elderly opens a position for concierges. A hotel concierge may never say “no” to the customer, but should nurses do the same? What is the most sincere way to cure the ailments of people in need?
The long anticipated sequel to a popular series which sold over 1.2 million copies. With many elements that may inspire you in business as well, like observation skills to uncover the real needs of a customer, this is a satisfactory yet heart warming read for people of all ages!”
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