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Born in Hiroshima, Chie Shinkyu revolutionized how we see Japanese food and drink, thanks to her most famous manga series to date Wakakozake. Conceived from a conversation with her editor about her first love… drinking; the manga is a perfect example of the age old adage “write what you know”!

Debuting in 2011 in Monthly Comic Zenon, Wakakozake follows “twenty something” office worker Wakako Murasaki in her pursuit of finding the perfect alcohol/food combination, while challenging the gender norms of a society that previously frowned on women entertaining themselves.

With both the anime and live action adaptations of Wakakozake proving a hit in Japan and abroad, Chie Shinkyu has clearly chosen a subject that resonates across language and cultural borders. With a heady mix of food and drink centered around a relatable protagonist who speaks to a large demographic of modern women, Chie Shinkyu has perfectly utilized the medium of manga in her mission to entertain. Surely an achievement worth raising a glass to!



Wakako Murasaki, a 26 years old Office Lady is obsessed with finding the perfect food and drink combination. Once her work day has finished, she loves nothing more than exploring the eating establishments of Tokyo in her pursuit of this goal. When the hallowed moment when Wakako san pairs a delicious dish with the perfect drink occurs, she emits her trademark “ぷしゅー” (“Pshuuu”) signifying her achievement. So, where do you want to eat tonight?

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