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The Accidental Gaijin #9: Dumplings rather than flowers

“APRIL is the cruelest month…” once wrote British/American poet T.S. Eliot. Clearly Eliot never experienced Ap […]

The Accidental Gaijin #8: Wasamon by Royal Appointment

The long awaited Mother-in-Law visit has dawned and I’m still busy searching for entertaining activities that […]

The Accidental Gaijin #7: Anime Japan 2018 Report

  Just over a week has passed since I braved the cartoon hungry throngs of Anime Japan 2018, so I’ve had […]

The Accidental Gaijin #6: Eclectic Electric Town Part 3

With bargains in mind and flushed with enough sugar to rot the teeth of a small country, I slowly amble my way […]

The Accidental Gaijin #5: Eclectic Electric Town, Part 2

Electric Town! Z. Gallant   “My God, it’s full of stars!”…and with that, I plunged into the madness of Ak […]

The Accidental Gaijin #4: Eclectic Electric Town, Part 1

I love punk rock, particularly 1970’s, British punk rock. I love the music, the fashion and the attitude. Espe […]

The Accidental Gaijin: #3 A Frosty Ambition

Being an Accidental Gaijin and working in Japanese manga, requires a hearty embrace of the unknown. Not only w […]

The Accidental Gaijin: #2 Back to the Future!

  I travelled back in time today. I travelled back to a time of Saturday morning cartoons, a time of Chri […]

The Accidental Gaijin: #1 The Kinnikuman Connection

I didn’t choose Japan, Japan chose me. Well, my wife chose me and she’s Japanese, which kind of means the same […]