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Making a Mangaka: #2 Tsukasa Hojo

This week, I look to one of our own. Hojo sensei, one of the founders of COAMIX, has built an illustrious care […]

SMA's Italian Job

Italy, the BEL PAESE, the birthplace of world renowned dishes such as Pizza, Pasta and the versatile Panini; t […]

Takehiko Inoue & Hojo Tsukasa : Manga Master and Apprentice – Exclusive Report!

Tsukasa Hojo-sensei and Takehiko Inoue-senesi, two legendary manga creators known around the world for their i […]


SMA MASTER CLASS, the future manga stars from SILENT MANGA AUDITION®. In this series of interviews we’ll […]

Hojo Tsukasa sensei Interview – "Until the very last moment"

First of all, can you give please tell us overall comment? I think what stood out to us the most was: the yout […]

Tsukasa Hojo Interview : "Music to my Eyes"

Tsukasa Hojo sensei gave us some strong words of advice and some insight into the art of creating beautiful ma […]

Message from Tsukasa Hojo

Meet the judges : Here we have a message from another judge Manga master, Tsukasa Hojo, for all Silent Manga A […]