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TETSUO HARA X KENTARO MIURA – Manga Legends Crossover!

Tetsuo Hara & Kentaro Miura, both known worldwide for their intense art in story telling. These two manga […]

Tsugihara Ryuji sensei Interview "Draw your own real feelings"

“Be true to yourself, DRAW your own, real feelings” is the advice from our MANGA MASTER, Ryuji Tsu […]

Hojo Tsukasa sensei Interview – "Until the very last moment"

First of all, can you give please tell us overall comment? I think what stood out to us the most was: the yout […]

Go Nagai sensei Interview – “Manga is the artist’s own ‘journey of the mind’.”

From “Mazinger Z” to “Cutie Honey”, with masterful world-building skills, impactful st […]

"We don’t read, We FEEL it." – Tetsuya Chiba Interview

“Ore wa teppei (Boy Action)”, “Ashita no Joe (Champion Joe) and many more, with a heart-warm […]

It's okay to fail as long as… – Tetsuo Hara Interview

Fist of the North Star, Hana no Keiji, Child of War: Legend of Oda Saburo Nobunaga… The man who produces hit a […]

Tsukasa Hojo Interview : "Music to my Eyes"

Tsukasa Hojo sensei gave us some strong words of advice and some insight into the art of creating beautiful ma […]