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The Artists Village Insider #09 – Manga Course Scheduled to Take Off in Spring 2023 at Takamori High School!

Long time no see, everyone! This is the Artists Village Insider, covering the news about and straight from the […]

The Artists Village Insider #08 – Zizoya: Where Gourmet and Manga Meet!

Have you ever heard of COAMIX Inc.’s motto? “With manga, always. (漫画と、ずっと。)” Having your manga work become a h […]

The Artists Village Insider #07 – Say What?? My Job Is To Read Manga?!

First a disclaimer; My job is definitely not just about reading manga all day long…But, in all seriousness, ha […]

The Artists Village Insider #06 – The Smash-Hit Manga Comes Alive At Kumamoto Castle

Today we’ll be seeing the talented actresses in action! An all-female theater group, the “096k Kumamoto Drama […]

The Artists Village Insider #05 – From Manga To The Stage: The 096k Kumamoto Drama Company

Have you ever wondered why our Artists Village isn’t called the “Manga Village”? After all, the company behind […]

The Artists Village Insider #04 – Inside The Art Studio

Hello, everyone! Today, we’ll be taking a closer look inside the Art Studio on the 2nd floor of the Artists Vi […]

The Artists Village Insider #02 – Unveiling The Artists Village

An Exclusive Tour Inside The Artists Village! In today’s article, you’ll receive an exclusive tour INSIDE the […]

The Artists Village Insider #01 – Ticking Towards Your Dreams

“The Artists Village Insider” and “The Kumamoto Reporter” set off! Hello SILENT MANGA AUDITION® enthusiasts, f […]