Making a Mangaka: #2 Tsukasa Hojo

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This week, I look to one of our own. Hojo sensei, one of the founders of COAMIX, has built an illustrious career that boarders on the cinematic. With Femme Fatale’s aplenty, the Manga Master has made liberal use of classic movie tropes that shine a light on the good, the bad and the ugly of […]

SMA’s Italian Job

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Italy, the BEL PAESE, the birthplace of world renowned dishes such as Pizza, Pasta and the versatile Panini; the land of great poets like Dante and Boccaccio and not forgetting pioneers of the art world like Leonardo Da Vinci, Michelangelo and…Salvatore Nives from SMAC!!! READ ATENA’S ONE SHOT   Friends, Manga Creators, Community, lend me […]

Takehiko Inoue & Hojo Tsukasa : Manga Master and Apprentice – Exclusive Report!

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Tsukasa Hojo-sensei and Takehiko Inoue-senesi, two legendary manga creators known around the world for their intense storytelling.  Two manga creators who were once master and apprentice.  The two sensei’s were brought back together by Monthly Comic ZENON for a rare double interview!  What sort of truly memorable conversation ensued between the two manga legends and […]


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SMA MASTER CLASS, the future manga stars from SILENT MANGA AUDITION®. In this series of interviews we’ll uncover the secrets to their manga creation! In this installment we spoke with the first ever GRAND PRIX winner and our star from Indonesia  – Good morning, Alex Irzaqi sensei! INTERVIEW WITH ALEX IRZAQI 1. What is your work […]

Tsukasa Hojo Interview : “Music to my Eyes”

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Tsukasa Hojo sensei gave us some strong words of advice and some insight into the art of creating beautiful manga scenes. All those thinking of drawing for the audition, please consider this as his endorsement and encouragement in drawing your next piece. With incredible artistic and storytelling skills, Tsukasa Hojo has been at the forefront of the manga […]