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2016 is Almost over! We had great year, with you readers as well as with the SMA MASTERCLASS. While we are sad to see Comic-Zenon International titles go, (they will be available on manga stores in 2017) We are absolutely happy to announce that NEW ORIGINAL MANGA by SMA MASTER CLASS are coming soon!! To […]

*UPDATE 10/03* – SMA6 – Please confirm your entry is correctly registered.

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Thank you for continued participation to the SILENT MANGA AUDITION® All entries as of today has been verified. If the “status” of your entry has not changed to “2. Verified”, there may have been problems with your entry. Please retry uploading your manga, and make sure it is displayed in the intended way (Opening page/direction) […]


Comic-ZENON International – Latest chapters only from October

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Snooze you Lose! Last Chance to Read for Free! After 25th of October, “Comic-ZENON International” titles will be available as “LATEST EPISODE ONLY” “Comic-ZENON International” section of SMAC! The Web Magazine, featuring 4 series:  “Arte”, “Angel Heart” “Ikusa no Ko” and “Nobo and HER?”. We have worked closely with Comic-ZENON to make the titles available […]