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The deadline for the SILENT MANGA AUDITION® EX-3 Round is fast approaching, but you still have plenty of time to create and submit your WASAMON manga or illustration!   SMAC!’s third Kumamoto Extra Round to date, is all about embracing new and interesting ideas. This trailblazing attitude towards innovation, an aspect the people of Kumamoto excel […]

We’re off on the road to KUMAMOTO

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On the southern tip of the “Land of the Rising Sun” resides the “Land of Fire”—Kumamoto Prefecture.  It’s a land forged by a volcanic cauldron, the Mount Aso caldera and surrounding areas, and tempered by the people and culture.  Kumamoto is a land of soaring peaks to deep valleys and of a culture old and […]

A message from the Chief Editor

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Hello everyone, With SMA9 just around the corner, I wish to thank everyone who has already submitted an entry. We’ve received a lot of great manga already, and with a day still to go before deadline, we hope to see many more! I also wish to thank everyone for reading the “MASTERCLASS ONESHOT: Showcase Vol.1”, […]


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It has been brought to our attention that some of you eager manga creators are experiencing problems uploading your lovely manga for SMA9. Well, can’t have that! Luckily, our tech boffins are on the case with a quick and easy alternative.   Please continue to use the usual uploader, but if in doubt, click the […]

Good Morning MASTERCLASS!!! #29 Yoonmi

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This week’s Good Morning MASTERCLASS is the most “serious” MASTERCLASS member – Yoonmi ☆ She finds “brain fuel” for her manga from every story she encounters! Today she showed us how we can fuel our brain’s with all sorts of stories to 😉 Good Morning Yoonmi! INTERVIEW WITH Yoonmi.   “A new world opened up to me”   […]