SMA in Portugal’s Comic Con

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Portugal is a small country with a huge history! The first, truly global empire, Portugal’s reach once stretched from South America to Japan during the height of the Age of Discovery. Today, this innocuous little country on the Iberian Peninsula is once again leading the way, though in the place of gold, Comic Con Portugal […]

Kumamoto Manga Fes. & Manga Camp THE REPORT – Day 5

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THE STORY SO FAR … After yesterday’s tremendous announcement about a Silent Manga Movie project, along with an unforgettable evening of Lion Dances and Dengaku, the Master Class start the 2nd day of the Kumamoto International Manga Camp with a sense of excitement. There is much talk of the Manga Lectures, along with the long […]

EX3 Interview #1 – Luis Eloi (Sojo University Award winner)

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With the weather slowly getting colder here in Japan, what better time to visit the sunny Portuguese Algarve and say hello to Luis Eloi, the Sojo University Award winner in our recent EX3 Kumamoto Round contest!? Grab your beach towels, and sunglasses because it’s time to bask in award winning glory with the man himself! […]

Weekend Yokai Hunter #13 – HALLOWEEN SPECIAL #3!

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Welcome back, and HAPPY HALLOWEEN to all you ghoul-loving thrill seekers out there! I hope my top ten urban legends didn’t frighten you off, because as promised, I am back with THE most famous ghost story to ever grip Japan. That’s right folks, it’s time to meet…   …OIWA!   The story of Oiwa is […]

Manga Nutcracker #28 – Ushio to Tora

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  Ushio and Tora (うしおととら – Ushio to Tora) By Fujita Kazuhiro Published by Shogakukan in Weekly Shōnen Sunday Original run: January 1990 – October 1996   “A boy unleashes a feared youkai from his seal! Now they have to work together and hunt the evil youkais that brings chaos to the human world!”   […]

Kumamoto Manga Fes. & Manga Camp THE REPORT – Day 4

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THE STORY SO FAR… After the excitement of Kumamoto, the entire SMAC! MASTERCLASS were finally gathered together, where emotions ran high. After all, these representatives from every corner of the globe were meet for the very first time. Though coming from all walks of life and vastly different cultures, the MASTERCLASS easily conversed in a […]

Weekend Yokai Hunter #12 – HALLOWEEN SPECIAL #2!

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Welcome back my fellow fright-seekers! With the chilling legend of Taira no Masakado still fresh in your minds, I have decided to shine the spotlight on not one, but TEN of Japan’s most creepy urban legends!! That’s right folks, your resident Yokai Hunter has collected enough ghostly fables to put Tobin’s Spirit Guide to shame! […]

SMA-EX4 KitKat Round 2018 – Hints & Tips!!


In Japan, the much-loved KitKat chocolate bar has enjoyed an incredible boom in popularity over the years, so much so that Nestlé decided to create specially flavored ones unique to the Japanese market. In fact, the reason behind their newly acquired popularity is deeply linked to the theme of this round! In Japanese,  the word “KitKat” has […]