The Day of Judgment: SMA8

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The day has finally dawned. A day eagerly anticipated, with equal lashings of dread, by the world’s most talented mangaka. Today, 14th December, 2018, is the final judging of SILENT MANGA AUDITION® 8. In an innocuous room in Coamix HQ, nestled in Kichijoji, a vibrant suburb of Tokyo, we editors of ‘SMAC!’ frantically finish prepping. As […]

…For All the ‘Manga’ in China

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New SMA Regional Rounds set to roll out in China Hi, As the newest member of the SILENT MANGA AUDITION® editorial team, I thought I’d introduce myself, along with some show-stopping news! SMAC!, the international event aimed at discovering the world’s hottest new comic book talent will now be holding exclusive, Region Only Events! The […]

Manga HOT app worldwide launch (Japanese only)

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Exciting new app from COAMIX Inc. & Comic Zenon, available FREE for Apple and Android.  Manga HOT is a game-changing new app for all things MANGA! Available for both iOS and Android devices, this pioneering new resource allows you to explore the exciting world of Japanese and International Manga, all from the comfort of your […]

Vietnamese Silent Manga Sensation Reborn In Japan with Comic Zenon!


Tracing the incredible roots of an international collaboration!   New Series “The Grim Reaper Can Love, Too” In 2016, a 13 page silent manga took the world by storm. “Thirty and a Half Minutes” by Vietnamese artist Snippy MJ won the 4th SILENT MANGA AUDITION® Grand Prix sponsored by Coamix, and garnered significant worldwide attention, including […]

Kenshiro Kasumi has returned! FIST OF THE BLUE SKY REGENESIS

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KENSHIRO ON MANGA AGAIN! RE:GENESIS! A new of chapter Hokuto Shinken begins! From October 25th on Comic Zenon, Hara Tetsuo celebrates his masterpiece “Fist of the North Star”‘s 35th anniversary, with the continuation of its sequel “Fist of the Blue Sky”! The new series is called “Fist of the Blue Sky REGENESIS”!   ABOUT “FIST […]

Creator lives manga 24h/24! The Italian nostalgic manga made in Indonesia 
- Hello Award Winners #22 winggantara

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  NO LIMIT FOR THIS MANGA FAST LEARNER! Inspired by his friends, he’s keeping improve himself! From his manga studio in Indonesia to the SMA-Community (the creators, the readers and the editors) and the world! Hello, winggantara!   ABOUT YOU “I wouldn’t consider manga as something I would do as a job.”   1) How […]