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With 2 weeks left until the SILENT MANGA AUDITION® Round 10 deadline, you still have time to create an amazing Silent Manga that will astound the judges!   The themes for SMA-10 are “Friendship”, “Effort” and “Victory”. These three themes not only embody the ethos of Japan’s longest running Manga magazine, “Weekly Shonen JUMP”, they […]

Ken Yoshii’s Profile

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Ken “Dene” Yoshii From Tokyo, Japan My first encounter with anime/manga was Mobile Suit Gundam and Galaxy Express 999, which I ritually watched every morning before leaving for kindergarten! It wasn’t long before I came across Urusei Yatsura, where I first fell in love with Lum, not to mention Hokuto no Ken, Dragon Ball, and […]

SMA9 Interview #5 – Shu Ashimine (Excellence Award winner)

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Hailing from the beautiful Japanese island of Okinawa, SMA9 Excellence Award winner Shu Ashimine, joins us as one of our first ever homegrown awardees to talk about his entry, his creative influences, and how years of persistence really do pay off…   MAKING MANGA   “I want to create stories that send a message to […]

SMA9 Interview #4 – Leuriee (Excellence Award winner)

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Currently based in the tropical Indonesian city of Surabaya, SMA9 Excellence Award winner, Leuriee, captured the hearts of both the SMAC! editorial team and the panel of judges alike with ‘2 Dollars’, her story of kindness, compassion, and hot dogs. Armed with a bucketload of enthusiasm, coupled with her own unique approach to creating, we […]

EX4 CRAM SCHOOL – LESSON #2: Kit Kat… A Taste of Home


Exam and Trial, two words that strike equal measures of fear and determination in any school student! With the encouraging Japanese phrase キットカット (kitto katto), meaning “sure to win”, friends and family can rally around those about to embark on examinations, a life changing event in Japan, by gifting the student a “Kit Kat” chocolate […]