Weekend Yokai Hunter #7

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We meet again, my fellow ghoul-loving brethren! How’s everybody enjoying the summer? Well, it’s baking hot right now here in Japan, so what better way to cool off than with an introduction to one of Japan’s most chilling Yokai – the GASHADOKURO! Like many ukiyo-e prints, I first saw one of these bad boys emblazoned […]

Kakimoji S.O.S. #22 – Tsugihara Sensei’s Kakimoji

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Kakimoji fans, CIAO! Today we’ll take a look at the Kakimoji that appears in the works of our SILENT MANGA AUDITION® judges, Ryuji Tsugihara sensei!!  I’ve already mentioned his most famous manga, Yoroshiku Mecha-doc several times in Kakimoji S.O.S., but this time we’ll be analyzing Tsugihara sensei’s other hit…     Restore Garage 251 is […]

Manga Readers Questionnaire!

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Hello there, readers! We at SMAC! would LOVE to know more about the state of manga in your country! There’s nothing we’d love more than to deepen our understanding of manga on the global stage, and further build the wonderful community that is so precious to us all.   That’s where YOU come in!   […]

Making a Mangaka: #11 Yoshitoki Oima

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This week’s #MakingAMangaka shines a light on a young creator that has turned past trauma into instantly identifiable stories that are as poignant as they are beautifully crafted. This week, I deconstruct the themes and struggles of manga’s most promising rising star… Yoshitoki Oima.   Name: Yoshitoki Oima (大今良時 Ōima Yoshitoki) Born: March 15, 1989 […]

Manga Nutcracker #22 – Letter Bee

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Tegami Bachi By Hiroyuki Asada Published by Shueisha Monthly Shōnen Jump / Jump SQ (Sept 2006 – Nov 2015)       “A young foundling grows up to become a Letter Bee, in his mission to bring back the people he loves.”         What is a fantasy adventure without swashbuckling glory, or […]

Weekend Yokai Hunter #6

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Why hello there ladies and gents, welcome back to another eerie edition of the ‘Weekend Yokai Hunter’! This week we are taking a look at the most loyal, yet potentially horrifying, spirit that Japan has to offer – the INUGAMI!   The first time I came across an Inugami, I was actually completely oblivious to […]

Making a Mangaka: #10 Hajime Isayama

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With his first and only series exploding onto the manga stage to much critical acclaim, this young manga creator’s future is one watch. An uncompromising creator who gambled with his career and won big! This week, I’m stepping into the titanic mind of Hajime Isayama.   Name: Hajime Isayama (諫山 創 Isayama Hajime) Born: August […]