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Tag - Award Winners

SMA8 Interview #18 – Walther Romualdo (Honourable Mention Award Winner)

How the heck do you panel a page?! Honorable Mention Award winner, Walther Romualdo may not have all the answe […]

SMA8 Interview #17 – REDJET (Honourable Mention Award Winner)

The need for speed is strong for Honourable Mention Award winner RedJet. The Italian creator abandoned a caree […]

SMA8 Interview #16 – Imam Subekti (Excellence Award Runner Up Winner)

A relative newcomer to SMA, Indonesian manga creator Imam Subekti is making his mark in the world of manga. He […]

SMA8 Interview #15 – Heitor Amatsu (The Excellence Award)

Heitor Amatsu – SMA8 update! The Excellence award “Dance RevoPants” Following on from Heitor Amatsu’s sp […]

SMA8 Interview #14 – Amito Arai (Honorable Mention Award Winner)

Approaching manga on his own terms, this Russian creative works to his own clock, flaring his creative muscles […]

SMA8 Interview #13 – Dedy Koerniawan (Excellence Award Winner)

The quiet life was never an option for Excellence Award winner Dedy Koerniawan. Having left his sleepy village […]

SMA8 Interview #12 – Harihtaroon (Excellence Award Winner)

Deadlines mean money…and Malaysian manga creator Harihtaroon knows all about deadlines. Whether it’s feverishl […]

SMA8 Interview #11 – Kaji Pato (Excellence Award Runner up)

Kaji Pato is a prize fighter! Though his “ring” might be a studio and his “gloves” a G-Pen, this Brazilian dyn […]

SMA8 Interview #10 – Daniel Bretas (Excellence Award Winner)

A personal gift to his daughter ended up earning Daniel Bretas the prestigious SMA8 Excellence Award! Heavily […]

SMA8 Interview #9 – Paco Puente (Excellence Award Runner up)

Paco Puente was able to take laughs from all the judges of the SMA team. His style stood out to us immediately […]