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“GLASS HEART”: A female assassin, raised by an underground organization, dubbed “the ultimate killing machine”. Racked by guilt after completing a mission, she attempts suicide… but is revived through a heart transplant operation. Only she doesn’t know… the heart she receives once belonged to Kaori Makimura, one half of the “CITY HUNTER” duo. Only he doesn’t know… Ryo Saeba spends his days mourning the loss of his beloved partner. Guided by one heart – with two souls, “Glass Heart” appears before Ryo;- the legendary “Sweeper”, the protector of peace in the underworld of Shinjuku…

From the Editor

HE IS BACK! the sequel to the massively popular “CITY HUNTER” manga and anime series. Still loved by many, with Ryo Saeba – possibly the most charming character ever – certainly the most “Mokkori” character of all time?! Joining them is Xiang-Ying – Ryo’s “daughter”, related not by blood but fate, as she came to possess the heart and soul of Ryo’s former partner, Kaori. While the series is famous for its action, A-H is a manga full of heart warming moments too. Xiang-Ying recovers her soul little by little, thanks to the support of her “Family”: Ryo, Kaori, Falcon, and the funny and sometimes dangerous neighbors in night time Shinjuku. Hojo-sensei’s manga mastery will surely please both fans of the original, and new fans alike!
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