Making a Mangaka: #7 Tetsuo Hara

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This week, I look to the second judge of SILENT MANGA AUDITION® and a legend in his own right. A giant of Shonen, this man is responsible for kick starting many a manga fan’s love for the genre. From exploding heads to sweeping historical epics, he has delighted, excited and gruesomely satisfied the imaginations of […]

Making a Mangaka: #6 Clamp

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Are four heads better than one?? With roots in fan-made fiction, Clamp have lit up the world of manga with a universe of magic, tragedy and above all, love. But in an industry famous (or infamous) for grueling workloads, handled by a single creative mind, does a creative collective work? This week, I bow down […]

Making a Mangaka: #4 Eiichiro Oda

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Eiichiro Oda was born into “Wasamon”. The Kumamoto native kicked off his career in comedic style with a brief appearance in Yudetamago’s madcap comedy, Kinnikuman. From these humble, fanboy beginnings to becoming the undisputed king of manga, just what is Oda sensei’s secret? This week, I hoist the flag and set sail into the surreal […]

Making a Mangaka: #3 Naoko Takeuchi

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Manga, particularly Shojo manga had a relatively small following around the world, only read by those in the know who craved the entertaining stories pouring out of Japan. But all that changed in the early 90’s, when a Shojo character changed the world forever. Naoko Takeuchi created a character that screamed Girl Power, way before […]

Making a Mangaka: #2 Tsukasa Hojo

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This week, I look to one of our own. Hojo sensei, one of the founders of COAMIX, has built an illustrious career that boarders on the cinematic. With Femme Fatale’s aplenty, the Manga Master has made liberal use of classic movie tropes that shine a light on the good, the bad and the ugly of […]

Making a Mangaka: #1 Junji Ito

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It may not be a long road, from dental technician to the undisputed king of Japanese horror Manga, but it’s a road filled with grotesquery, paranoia and a glorious sense of unnerving dread…all the ingredients Junji Ito revels in! This week, I step into the terrible unknown as I delve into the mind of Manga’s […]


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…Are we crazy??   We know you need NO encouragement to read Manga, but we have a very special job for you. We need your input and opinion of our Masterclass member’s amazing One-shots, with the most highly rated being considered for publication in Monthly Comic Zenon.   With your help, you will be making […]