Kakimoji S.O.S. #17 – City Hunter: the Comical Protagonist

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Today marks the first installment of a two part, “S.O.S. Kakimoji” special, focussing on a spectacular manga that has stood the test time…I give you “The Kakimoji of City Hunter”! “City Hunter: The chapter of the Comical Protagonist” START!   “City Hunter” is a hard-boiled comedy, involving the adventures of “sweeper” Saeba Ryo, who investigates, […]

Kakimoji S.O.S. #16 – Kakimoji are not SFX!?

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So you’re well on your way to completing your manga! You’ve paneled it to perfection, your art is on point and you’ve crafted an entertaining story, wrapped around an exciting protagonist… but it’s still missing something… Onomatopoeia, of course! We all know that Kakimoji can turn a static scene into a dynamic, atmospheric feast for […]

Kakimoji S.O.S. 14 – KAKIMOJI 3D WORLD!

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The fantastical worlds in manga have no audible sound or movement, a result of the action being played out in two dimensions. But do your lingering memories of reading manga recall static and silent characters? Or do you remember them bursting from the page?!  The expressive technique known as Kakimoji perfectly introduces the three dimensional […]

Kakimoji S.O.S. 13 – Master Kakimoji

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Using Kakimoji is vitally important when drawing manga. Whether it’s used boldly, subtly or even casually, the inclusion of this element of manga making will have a direct influence on your story.  But how important are they? Foreign writers may find it difficult to fully understand the importance of Kakimoji. First and foremost, Japanese Kakimoji […]

Kakimoji S.O.S. 10 – “The sound of Silence”, Kakimoji style!

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One of Japan’s most intriguing classical arts is Kabuki. But did you know that this form of opera contains a type of music very similar to Kakimoji? “Shima music” is used in Kabuki performances to set the atmosphere in scenes, along with expressing a character’s feelings, personality and behaviour. Sound familiar?! “Shima music”, or “incidental […]

Kakimoji S.O.S. 9 – Kakimoji of Time

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What are Kakimoji for, Penmaru?   Erm…! To bring excitement to the scene? To convey atmosphere? To make it easy to understand the feelings and actions of the characters…? Am I right?!     That’s right, Penmaru! Though you have some great answers, Kakimoji has one more, very important role….expressing the passage of time! In […]

SMA’s Italian Job

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Italy, the BEL PAESE, the birthplace of world renowned dishes such as Pizza, Pasta and the versatile Panini; the land of great poets like Dante and Boccaccio and not forgetting pioneers of the art world like Leonardo Da Vinci, Michelangelo and…Salvatore Nives from SMAC!!! READ ATENA’S ONE SHOT   Friends, Manga Creators, Community, lend me […]