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Q: What’s the best part about being an editor?

By @anotherdeadartist via Instagram I’ve been a manga editor for 6 years and during that time, I’ve read countless manga “names”. From the mist interesting and entertaining to the most disappointing, we manga...

SMA 10 / EX-4 Interview #4 – Dedy Koerniawan

  PROFILE Name: Dedy Koerniawan Soesanto Age: 25 Country: Indonesia Favorite manga: Eyeshield 21 Favorite movie: The Harry Potter series Favorite quote: Live happy, pray, and do not lie.    ...

Q: What makes “Shumatsu no Valkyrie – Record of Ragnarok” so popular?

By @Jokerfacex, via Twitter A battle between “God” versus “Mortal Hero” is a dynamic concept that everyone (especially young people) will understand. The potential for unique and memorable characters...

SMA 10 Interview #3 – Heitor Amatsu

PROFILE: Name: Heitor Amatsu Age: 22 Country: Brazil Favorite manga: 20th Century Boys Favorite movie: Shrek 2 Favorite quote: “Whenever you go through a bad time, tell yourself… your dream will come true.”...

Q: How far ahead should a manga creator develop their story for it to be viable?

By @caetanocapriolli via Instagram It depends on the creator, but I feel there are many who already have a climax (ending) in mind by the time they bring their idea to the table. That said, I don’t...



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