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The Artists Village Insider #02 – Unveiling The Artists Village

An Exclusive Tour Inside The Artists Village! In today’s article, you’ll receive an exclusive tour INSIDE the Artists Village – a place with one single vision: to support young artists on their way to...

The Kumamoto Reporter #01 – Aso: The Land of Fire

Step inside Kumamoto’s most rugged and unique region! Hey SILENT MANGA AUDITION® community members! SMA Editor Chase here as “The Kumamoto Reporter,” your eyes and ears in the captivating Kumamoto region in...

HELLO SMA15 AWARD WINNER, Federico Brunetti!

PROFILE Name: Federico Brunetti Age: 36 Country: Italy Favorite manga: “Worst” Favorite movie: “Inception” Entry title: “A STARLIGHT SMILE” Round: SMA15 “Moments of...

The Artists Village Insider #01 – Ticking Towards Your Dreams

“The Artists Village Insider” and “The Kumamoto Reporter” set off! Hello SILENT MANGA AUDITION® enthusiasts, fans, and random internet drifters! In this installment of biweekly articles we’d like to introduce...

Chase’s Profile

Chase My manga journey started a bit later than most; my first encounter was watching “Dragon Ball Z” in college! Besides binging the entire series in one semester (which had an obvious effect on...

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