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Brendan’s Profile

Brendan Wimsett
Born in Kent, United Kingdom

Growing up in England I did many different jobs but, after a chance encounter with such anime masterpieces as ‘Fist of the North Star’, ‘AKIRA’, and ‘Legend of the Overfiend’, I soon realized that my inner otaku needed to experience Japan firsthand…as soon as possible! 

After celebrating my 21st birthday in Osaka, I immediately fell in love with the country and immigrated to Japan soon after. I’ve had a keen interest in the Japanese language, and after several years of hard study, I eventually went onto become a freelance translator of Japanese to English. I’ve translated all kinds of interesting manga and movie titles over the years, but I finally reached the pinnacle of my career when I helped localize ‘Fist of the North Star’ into English for the hugely successful eOne Book kickstarter campaign! 

Now, it is with great honor that I have taken my passion for manga to the next level, joining the almighty ranks of SMAC! where I will serve as your editor! Let’s make something really special!

Favorite manga: Fist of the North Star; Kinnikuman; Higanjima; Urotsukidoji; AKIRA

Favorite movie: “The Toxic Avenger”

Favorite band: Slayer

Favorite quote: “Waga shogai ni ippen no kui nashi!! (I have no regrets of the life I’ve led!!) – Fist of the North Star

Brendan W.