What is a “Silent-Manga” ?

What is a “Silent-Manga” ?

“No Words, No Story ;- Just darn good PERFORMANCE”

A manga is like the storyboard for a silent movie.
Words are extremely limited, and usually rely on minimal everyday conversations.
If a manga had to rely solely on words to express its story rather than the visual aspect, it would be an illustration, not a manga.

The Manga Audition is about seeking out and rewarding mangas that live up to their maximum potential.

Manga Audition Details

In truth, a manga should be able to convey a story without the use of dialogue, much like a storyboard. This is the “power of manga”.
If dialogue is needed to tell the story, then that story need not be a manga.

This manga audition is all about using the manga artist's most important tool, “performance”.

If you love manga and have considered drawing manga, but were previously discouraged by the language barrier, this is your chance to make your mark in one of Japan's manga magazines!

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