SILENT-MANGA Examples and Tutorial

SILENT-MANGA Examples and Tutorial

“a story can be told without words. This is the true power of manga”


“Angel Heart” by Tsukasa Houjou

Ex.1: “Angel Heart” by Tsukasa Houjou

The “power of performance”, as seen in Tsukasa Houjou's “Angel Heart”.

This is a fragment of “Angel Heart” prepared for this manga audition.
The City Hunter recalls the words of his deceased wife and heads to a place that was special to them. There, a look crosses his face that expresses his deep and undying love for his wife.

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“Ikusa no Ko” (Son of War) by Tetsuo Hara

Ex.2: “Ikusa no Ko” (Son of War) by Tetsuo Hara

Tetsuo Hara has continually illustrated the life and times of a man's man.
Camera angles, not words, are used to express emotions like rage and sorrow.
Tetsuo Hara is able to get his message across to the readers even if they don't read the words on the page.

This is a fragment of Tetsuo Hara's current serial, “Ikusa no Ko”.
The story revolves around the moment the Japanese general Nobunaga Oda lost his father. The focus of this story is the deep sorrow often associated with the death of a loved one.

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What is a Silent Manga? - Examples

The following pages contain works from the manga audition held in Japan.
“Love at First Sight”, “Explosion of Rage”, “Parting Ways”... etc. Each story focuses on a single emotion or moment and portrays it without using dialogue.
Through this audition, Comic Zenon has discovered many new talented artists. We hope you will help us spread this audition throughout the world so that we might make more mangas that everyone can enjoy.
Please see the provided example.

The Man and the Small Flower

Ex.3: The Man and the Small Flower

Theme : Love at First sight
Author : Shin Hotani
Synopsis : There is a man in the park but he looks out of place...

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Lost in the Woods

Ex.4: Lost in the Woods

Theme : First Kiss
Author : Urata Izumi
Synopsis : A boy and girl's small adventure

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Pumpkin Head and the 12 Nights

Ex.5: Pumpkin Head and the 12 Nights

Theme : Parting Ways
Author : Yako Gureishi
Synopsis : A tiny, tiny bond that was forged on Halloween night...

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To Where the Circular Dance Leads

Ex.6: To Where the Circular Dance Leads

Theme : A Moment that Encourages a Smile
Author : Hinomiya
Synopsis : A chance meeting opens the door to tomorrow...

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Ex.7: Nostalgia

Theme : Parting Ways
Author : Miyuki Uomoto
Synopsis : A summer memory recalled...

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Midnight Visitor

Ex.8: Midnight Visitor

Theme : Moment of Conviction
Author : Meme Ohashi
Synopsis : Everyday fears swarm over the boy!!

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A Delinquent, Tears, and that Girl

Ex.9: A Delinquent, Tears, and that Girl

Theme : Love at First sight
Author : Mako Oikawa
Synopsis : The delinquent coppalses in tears, His childhood friend takes notice...

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