2012 Round of Silent Manga Audition is Closed for entry

We would like to thank everyone who made a submission to the first ever Manga Audition.
We will start accepting the next round of submissions on May 1st (JST). We look forward to seeing your submission.
-The Silent Manga Audition Team

The following information is left as information only until the beginning of the next round.

“The homeland of manga, Japan, is seeking your talent!!”

Do you have what it takes to be the next manga star?
Read the following rules and regulations, to submit your work.

Theme: “A Manga Love Letter”

Whether sent to a lover, a spouse, a friend, or someone else, a love letter is a heart-warming gift no matter what form it comes in. A love letter need not be an actual letter. Express your love visually. Take that moment of sending or receiving a love letter and express it through a silent manga. That is the idea for “A Manga Love Letter”.

Silent Manga Audition Rules

“No Words, No Story”
Submissions are judged based on the author's use of a manga artist's most valuable skill: performance. Please express the selected “one emotion” in a way that is uniquely yours.
No need to come up with a complex story. The important thing is to convey the selected theme to your readers. Visually depict your characters emotions without relying on a backstory and gimmicks.
Professionals and amateurs of any gender; all are welcome to apply!

“Dialogue is not to be used in the manga”
The challenge is to use only your talent at visual performance.


Respected professional manga artists will view your work!!
Tsukasa Houjou – “City Hunter”
Tetsuo Hara – “Hokuto no Ken” (The Fist of the North Star)
Nobuhiko Horie - Chief Editor, Comic Zenon. (Former Chief Editor, “Weekly Shonen Jump”)
and the Comic Zenon Editorial Team

The Prizes

A Message from Manga Masters to Ambitious Authors

Tetsuo Hara
They say the devil is in the details. In manga, the more attention you pay to the details, the more life your characters will have. It is this philosophy that has made Japan's manga culture beloved throughout the world. I look forward to fighting alongside the authors of the world.

Tsukasa Houjou
As in movies, a simple change of camera angle in mangas can make a scene fun or sad. Even with the same facial expression, it is possible to convey different emotions. I hope everyone will enjoy the “power of performance” that is the core of manga as they work on their projects.

Nobuhiko Horie
It's been over 60 years since an author from Osamu Tezuka's generation developed manga into a accepted form of expression. In Japan, manga has spread itself into new frontiers and many new talented artists have discovered themselves. Historically, manga has used the same flow as movies to express the essence of action and movement. Manga has the power to move people. This is the idea that was the foundation for the Silent Manga Audition. Please test the expressive power of your country's manga.

2012 Round of Manga-Audition is Closed for entry

We would like to thank everyone who made a submission to the first ever Silent Manga Audition.
We will start accepting the next round of submissions on May 1st (JST). We look forward to seeing your submission.
-The Silent Manga Audition Committee


Application, Name, Address, Age, Occupation, Phone Number, Brief Biography, List of Previous Projects
If you wish to have your submission returned to you, please provide a self-addressed envelope with the appropriate postage.
You can also submit your application as PDF files via the dedicated website.

Send Application to:

Please see updated entry details. Comic-Zenon has moved office in 2013 December.

Submission Details

The manga must be an unpublished original work (imitations, parodies, or altered versions of someone else’s manga are not allowed).

NSP and third parties associated with the Manga Audition, here by called the Manga Audition Committee, may use submissions in the following ways, anywhere in the world. In some cases, a submission may undergo translation upon use.

1:Publication in magazines and other printed media. Publication in a manga book.
2:Distribution as an e-book.
3:Promotional material related to 1 and 2.

Any use of the submission other than those mentioned above will be discussed between NSP and the author prior to use. (this includes cases where the author intends to use the submission in some way)

The submission will be considered as published in Japan first, and will therefore be bound by Japan's copyright laws.

Should either of the below circumstances apply to a submission, it will be disqualified. If prizes have already been allocated, the author's right to the prize will be null and void.

1. Submission was already submitted to another manga contest, or was announced/used in another magazine.
2. Submission belongs to, or in some way infringes on the rights/profits of, a third party.