How to Upload Your Work    


Please create your account to join SMAC! the SILENT MANGA AUDITION Community. Those who already have an account please skip to “STEP2. HOW TO ENTER AUDITION”.




(1) Please enter “Username” and “E-mail”, then click on “REGISTER”. Your username will be used to login to your account and can not be changed later.


(2) After the “Registration Complete” message, please check your email inbox. You should have received the following mail with link to proceed with the rest of registration process.

(If you did not receive the email, please check in your “junk mail” folder. If you could not find the email for some reason, Please try “LOST PASSWORD”. )


(3) Enter new password, then click “RESET PASSWORD”.

(For security reasons, the password you entered will NOT be sent by e-mail. Please keep it in a safe place.)


(4) You will be presented with “LOG IN” screen. Please login with your Username or E-mail + the new password to continue.


(5) The first time you login, a message will appear asking you to complete your profile. Click on “YOUR PROFILE” link.


(6) Please complete your profile. All fields marked with *required must be filled in.


[ PUBLIC INFO ] Information in this section will be displayed online, together with your entry :

  • Creator Name (Pen name): *required
    ( You may enter different name for each entry if that is more appropriate – eg. to credit an ad-hoc contribution. Otherwise leave it unchanged from your default name. )
  • Country *required
  • Self Introduction *required
  • Previous Achievements / Projects
  • Where did you hear about “SMAC!” – The SILENT MANGA AUDITION Community? *required

[ PRIVATE INFO ] Information in this section will NOT be displayed online, and kept strictly private. SMAC! editorial team use this information for administrative purposes for SILENT MANGA AUDITION® and related events only.

[ NOTE : Information in this section is routinely cleared from public server for enhanced security. If you had already registered before last event deadline, you may see “—” displayed below. That means your data is securely sent to SMAC! editorial team, no action is required. Only re-fill the fields, if there has been changes to your private info. ]

  • Title (Mr./Mrs./Ms./Dr./Other.) *required
  • First Name *required
  • Middle Name(s)
  • Last Name *required
  • Legal Name ( If your culture use other naming schemes, please enter it here )
  • Address : Room No. / Building Name
  • Address : Street Address(s) *required
  • Address : Town / City *required
  • Address : Administrative Division ( Prefecture / State / Emirate / Principal etc. ) *required
  • Address : Postal Code / ZIP Code ( Examples: 180-0003 / CA 91761 / M50 2QH )
  • Phone Number *required
  • Date of Birth *required
  • Occupation
  • Skype ID
  • WhatsApp ID
  • Other SNS Contact(s)

(7) Once you have filled in all the information, please click on “UPDATE PROFILE”. When you see the following message, you are now ready to create an entry.







In the entry system menu, click on “MAKE NEW ENTRY”.


(1) Click on the banner of the Audition that you wish to enter.


(2) “UPLOAD FILES” section will then appear. Please upload your files in 3 sections :

  • PAGE IMAGES *required ( .JPG or .PNG )
    The pages of your entry. Please note “Double-Page Spreads” should be uploaded as “two separate” pages. File name: ending with 2 digits zero-padded number is required. [NG] Mystory_1.jpg, Mystory_2.jpg … [OK] Mystory_01.jpg, Mystory_02.jpg …   Maximum image filesize : 5MB Maximum image dimension : 4000 x 4000
  • THUMBNAIL IMAGE (optional) ( .PNG or .JPG )
    An image to be used as the icon for this entry. When unspecified first page of your manga will be used.
  • ZIP ARCHIVE (optional)
    If you know how to prepare production-ready image format, such as “ 1-bit TIFF / .PSD / .EPS ” please upload it as one zip file.

(3) “Drag and Drop” files, or alternatively click “ADD FILES” and select your page image files. We recommend you to have the files renamed locally on your computer, but filenames can be edited on this screen if you need to make alterations.


(4) Click “START UPLOAD”. “Green icons” indicate successful upload. If there are errors, check your internet connection and reload this page to start again.


(5) Enter information about your manga ( This may be edited later, until event announcement )


[ MANGA FORMAT ] Double page spread / Page order


[ TITLE + CREATOR NAME ] Your manga’s title and the creator’s name ( May be different from your profile name. Use this feature to credit “one-time partnership” etc. )


[ MESSAGE FOR THE READER ] For the dear reader. This will be displayed online together with your work.


[ DETAILED CREDIT ] If you work as a team, enter the names of contributors here. The person who holds access to the registered email address acts as the sole agent for the team. ( We recommend the person who draw the work to be the representative. )


[ OPEN MESSAGE TO SMAC! ] To the SILENT MAGNA AUDITION Community and SMAC! the editorial team. Have your say!


(7) Enter all required fields, then click on “MAKE NEW ENTRY” You will see a “Thank you” message once everything is registered successfully. Please progress to the DASHBOARD, to confirm the status of your entry.


STEP2-2. Will your entry display correctly?

In the side menu, click “DASHBOARD”. Initially, your entry will have “1. Awaiting verification” status. SMAC! Editorial team will confirm each new entry. Please expect 5-10 days for this change to happen. (You will receive an email when this happens)

Please ensure that your entry is displayed correctly on our viewer. Your submitted entries are displayed here. Please use the “CONTACT SMAC! EDITORIAL” box to send a message if you have any problems.


STEP2-3. Editing an Entry


(1) Until SMAC! editorial team publishes your work, you may make alterations to an existing entry. To edit, click on “EDIT THIS ENTRY”.


(2) The following screen allows you to preview and edit the entry. Once you are finished, click on “SAVE CHANGES”. You can re-upload your files by clicking on the “YES RE-UPLOAD FILES” box.


(3) You will see “Update Success” message upon completion. Return to your dashboard and re-confirm your changes.


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ENTER THE AUDITION (Upload Your Work!)