“Missed Mocchi” by Ivan Seelnon

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(Story and Art submitted by Ivan Seelnon) Hello everyone. Looks like I found Mocchi earlier today. I was really surprised to see him in a place like this. But here is the full report of the situation.   11:37 April 1st 2016 Local train station. I was heading to the post office near the train […]


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A wave of uncertainty has swept through the manga world, after SMAC! Chief Editor Shuichi “Mocchi” Mochida was reported missing early on Friday morning. A resident of Kichijoji, Tokyo, and a towering pillar of wisdom in the international manga community, Mochida-san was last seen at his desk late on Thursday evening, buried under a pile […]

Day 4: The bullet train / Mixing with Japanese apprentices

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Farewell Tokyo! On Thursday morning, dragging bags heavily laden with Tokyo souvenirs, the Master Class sleepily boarded a Shinkansen (Bullet Train) headed for Kyoto, the ancient capital of Japan.   Arriving in Kyoto, the Master Class dropped off their bags, and then went straight to the first item of business: “Shin-Cho-Sa-Ryou” Shinchosaryou is built on […]

Day 5: The Ancient Capital – KYOTO

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On our second day in Kyoto, we visited the “must-see” spots for any visitor! Our first destination was Kinkakuji – a beautiful temple covered in gold leaf. Everyone was impressed at the sight of the golden monument glittering in the sun! With such lovely weather, the scenery was magnificent. And guess who came along? Nobunaga himself! […]

Day 3: Explore Tokyo!

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With the main event over, it was time for everyone to have some fun!   The first destination was the Ghibli Museum, located in Inokashira Park. Blessed with fine weather, we had a refreshing 30 minute stroll through the park.   On the way to the museum, we passed a Shinto Shrine dedicated to Benzai-ten. […]

How to create manga with the theme “MAMMA” – an open letter from Chairman Mochida

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Good day. Mochida here, the chairman of the SILENT MANGA AUDITION Committee. The deadline for the 3rd round, 2015 is closing in. How is everyone’s manga coming along? Here at the committee, with Nobuhiko Horie, Hojo Sensei, Hara Sensei, and Tsugihara Sensei, we are all looking forward to reading your entries, from all corners of the world. […]