SMA04 – Stage 2 Nominees


The following 51 entries, have been chosen as candidates for SMA04 Stage 2 award nomination.

SMAC! The Web Magazine, on behalf of the SILENT MANGA AUDITION Committee and its associates, would like to show our sincere gratitude to all contestants,

Next update is planned to be announced, on 27th November, 2016.


Stage 1 – Initial Candidates Selection ( Announced 11/13 )

Stage 2 – Award Candidates Nomination ( Announced 11/20 )

Stage 3 – Final Nominees Announcement ( Planned 11/27 – TBC )

Stage 4 – Final Award Positions Announcement ( TBA )

+ Master Class 2016 Announcement ( TBA )

( “TBA” – To Be Announced / “TBC – To Be Confirmed” )



Award Nomination – Stage 2 Chosen Entries ( 51 entries ) :

The list is in alphabetical order of the country name.

Country Creator Title
1 Argentina Eliana Mauceri Your Presence by Eliana Mauceri
2 Brazil Juloyola The Charming ( Love) Gift by Juloyola
3 Brazil Roberto F. PLAY by Roberto F.
4 Canada Wenna L. Little Witch by Wenna L.
5 Chile J.I.M Beyond Sunlight by J.I.M
6 China chinawower The Nightmare Before Christmas by chinawower
7 France vinhnyu Slim(e)Ambition by vinhnyu
8 France Nicolas David Grumpy Birthday by Nicolas David
9 Indonesia Dhang Ayupratomo the last fruit by Dhang Ayupratomo
10 Indonesia Syuli Made For You by Syuli
11 Indonesia DS STUDIO Sunflower by DS STUDIO
12 Indonesia dedy rj ON THE EDGE by dedy rj
13 Indonesia Imim Lonely Night by Imim
14 Indonesia ombobon Paper Flower by ombobon
15 Indonesia Hennada Tsubasa by Hennada
16 Indonesia Fadjri Akbar I’ll show you my roaring love by Fadjri Akbar
17 Indonesia Ilham Maulana Dry Planet by Ilham Maulana
18 Indonesia Ikan Teri GiveGift by Ikan Teri
19 Indonesia Ogi prasetiya It’s OK by Ogi prasetiya
20 Indonesia Fendi Zola Hendrawan TASK on Me by Fendi Zola Hendrawan
21 Indonesia odik no-way!! by odik
22 Indonesia Olvyanda Ariesta To Give Is A Gift by Olvyanda Ariesta
23 Indonesia ariel putra duyung MY SCARY FACE by ariel putra duyung
24 Indonesia kalongzz Birdy by kalongzz
25 Indonesia CHESS Unchained Melody by CHESS
26 Italy REDJET Hold On by REDJET
27 Italy Salvatore Nives /Flare (final) by Salvatore Nives
30 Philippines Power-J The Proposal by Power-J
31 Russia art group “Riphaei montes” Love not at first sight by art group “Riphaei montes”
32 Saudi Arabia SaraMD Blown Away by SaraMD
33 Saudi Arabia zenzunn The Lunar Cycle by zenzunn
34 Singapore dactrung2902 SENSEI’S GIFT by dactrung2902
35 Spain XianNuStudio Come back with me. by XianNuStudio
36 Spain Juan Albarran Gurōbu by Juan Albarran
37 Spain Jok Even the ghosts smile by Jok
38 Spain Ero-Pinku Windrose by Ero-Pinku
39 Thailand miimork Behind The Gift by miimork
40 Thailand Max Kaynes & Kaewsricha Pencil by Max Kaynes & Kaewsricha
41 Thailand Suthamon Hengrasmee Turning-Point by Suthamon Hengrasmee
42 Thailand Thursday’s child Studio WARMTH by Thursday’s child Studio
43 Tunisia ahlemk Childhood dream by ahlemk
44 Ukraine ReDMooN Gifts of the sea by ReDMooN
45 Ukraine Rerekina &Jeyre А Dream of the Snow Bird by Rerekina &Jeyre
46 United States Moonsia Maybe We Can Be Friends by Moonsia
47 United States Jaeil Cho An Encounter in the Rain by turtleboat
48 Vietnam Nachi Miracle by Nachi
49 Vietnam Duy Hai Nguyen Stag and the huntsman by Duy Hai Nguyen
50 Vietnam Christ Hazard Back Home by Christ Hazard
51 Vietnam Snippy MJ Thirty and A Half Minutes by Snippy MJ