2017 / 9 /30 SMA8 “2017 SEPTEMBER” is officially closed.
2017 / 7 /14 SMA7 “2017 MARCH” RESULTS Announced!!
    SMA7 “2017 MARCH” Round is announced:
SMA5, “2016 SPRING” Award Winners will be announce on 8th of July (Friday)).
2015 / 4 /1 SMA6, “2016 Autumn” Round is announced! For themes and regulations, please visit
2016 / 3 / 24 SMA – EX1 “SILENT MANGA AUDITION – EXTRA ROUND in support of FUKUSHIMA SAKURAMORI PROJECT” Winners are announced! The winners are invited to Japan, and received awards as part of special event, took place in Fukushima, Japan.
  2015 / 12 / 11 Award winners of SMA04, SILENT MANGA AUDITION® Round 4 announcement. From 448 Entries, 20 Awards including two GRAND PRIX positions are announced. In addition, from this round we are announcing award nominees and candidates, to encourage their continued challenge to this event.
2015 / 10 / 7 SMA5, “2016 Spring” Round is announced! For themes and regulations, please visit 2016/3/31 “SMA5” Entry is now closed. SMA6 is confirmed to take place.
2015 / 9 / 30 Entry for SMA04, “2015 Summer” round is officially closed. SMA05 is confirmed to go ahead, between 1st of October, 2015 to 31st of March, 2016. More details will be announced on 9th of October.
2015 / 8 / 27 “SMAC!” teamed up with COMIC ZENON of Japan, to translate and host latest hit Manga titles from Japan! SMAC! is a community web magazine, we are asking readers to join us determine our future directions. Out of rich catalogue of manga covering various genre, readers are asked to vote, which titles should become online. There will be generous rewards to participants. Details TBA waiting legal confirmation. Press release : More at :
2015 / 6 / 1 “SMAC!” is a new web magazine for the Silent Manga Audition Community (SMAC). Featuring articles for manga creators, in future we are going to produce and host original manga, with SILENT MANGA AWARD WINNERS from around the world, as well as to host latest manga from Japan. Press release : More at :
2015 / 7 / 17 SILENT MANGA AUDITION® 2015 (SMA03) award result announced! This year there are more winners than ever, 44 award wins of 802 entries. Press release : More at :  
  SILENT MANGA AUDITION® 2015 (SMA03) is closed for entry. Next event, SMA04 is officially announced! Entry is open until 30th September, 2015. This is now twice-a-year opportunity not to be missed, by any upcoming Manga artist! Press release : More at :  
  The current event, SILENT MANGA AUDITION® 2015 is open for entry until 31st March, 2015. This is the once-a-year opportunity not to be missed, by any upcoming Manga artist. ( Event is now closed. New event SMA04 announced, see above ) More at :  
SILENT MANGA AWARD 2015 event, was celebrated at Chinzanso Tokyo, on 13th January 2015.  Top 10 achievers of SILENT MANGA AUDITION® 2013-2014, were invited to Tokyo, to receive the “Master Class” certificate. We had honours of welcoming 400+ guests, from all corners of Manga industry in Japan, including publishers and Manga artists. Variety of presentations were performed, such as live music performed to video presentation in the theme of Silent Manga. It was a stunning event, covered by media all over Japan. Official video and photo materials will be available February 2015. Press release : More at :    


SILENT MANGA AUDITION® is an event, aiming to discover and support Manga (Japanese style comics) artists from around the world. By far the largest event of its kind, over one thousand works of manga, of more than 28,000 pages from 94 countries, reached the committee as of December 2015. Organised by Coamix corp of Japan, lead by CEO Nobuhiko Horie, ex-chief editor of “Weekly Shonen Jump” and “Weekly Shonen Bunch”.  His intentions are strong and clear: to embrace the techniques used by early Manga masters like Osamu Tezuka, on basis that manga is a “Motion Picture drawn on Paper”. This we believe is the “Original powers of Manga”, that made Manga, the unique medium of expression, loved by the people around world today. That is the reason why, we draw silent. A great trial of an artists’ abilities, as one has to communicate everything via drawings only. This has brought us the extra advantage, that result can be enjoyed by anybody, not relying on language. We are utilising this methodology, to assess young artists works from around the globe, to find and support Manga artists, no matter where on earth the artist may be. Alongside Horie, are our judges. Themselves being the legends in creating some of the most successful manga titles in history. With strong endorsements and support from legendary names in Manga industry, we are engaging deeper in our endeavour, to find the future Manga stars of tomorrow… For general enquiries, please contact Taiyo Nakashima at For enquiries regarding drawing manga, please visit our Facebook page   


  1. Honorary Judges
  2. Endorsements
  3. Events : Current and previous
  4. Books Published
  5. Video : Messages
  6. Video : Silent Manga in MOTION
  7. Video : Silent Manga in ACTION
  8. The Committee Members


TETSUO HARA – Director, Coamix Corp / Author, “Fist of the North Star”, “Keiji”, “Ikusa no Ko” etc. TSUKASA HOJO – Director, Coamix Corp. / Author, “City Hunter”, “Cat’s Eye”, “Angel Heart” etc. RYUJI TSUGIHARA – Director, Coamix Corp / Author, “Mecha-Doc”, “Restore Garage 251”, “Shonen Reedom” etc.  


Mr. TAKAYUKI MATSUTANI, CEO, Tezuka Productions / Interviews and endorsements, on compilation book 2013. GO NAGAI senseiAuthor, “Devil-Man”, “Mazinger Z”, “UFO Robot Grendizer”, “Cutie Honey” etc. / Interviews and endorsements, on compilation book 2013. USAMARU FURUYA senseiAuthor, “Palepoli”, “La Musique de Marie”, “Le Cercle du Suicide”, “No Longer Human” etc. / Interviews and endorsements, on compilation book 2013. MOTOO ABIKO sensei, Author ( collectively with HIROSHI FUJIMOTO sensei, as “FUJIKO-FUJIO” ), “Doraemon”, “Hattori-Kun”, “Kaibutsu-kun”, etc. / Interviews and endorsements, on full-page advertising with Nobuhiko Horie TAKESHI YORO sensei / Intellectual, Professor Emeritus at Tokyo University, Book author, Director Kyoto Manga Museum. / Interviews and endorsements, on compilation book 2014. CHIBA TETSUYA sensei / Author, “Ashita no Joe”, “Ore wa Teppei”, “Ashita Tenki ni Naare” etc. / Interviews and endorsements, on compilation book 2014.  


  SMA05 – SILENT MANGA AUDITION® 2016 Spring – ENTRIES ACCEPTED NOW! Themes to be announced on 9th of October 2015 Deadline : 31st March 2016   SMA04 – SILENT MANGA AUDITION® 2015 SUMMER  ENTRIES CLOSED Theme : “Charming Gift” March 2015 – September 2015 / Award Winners Announcement expected Mid-December   SMA03 – SILENT MANGA AUDITION® 2015 Spring Theme : “Mother” September 2014 – March 2015 / 44 Award winners Results :   SMA02 – SILENT MANGA AUDITION® 2014 Theme : “Perfect Smile” September 2013 – March 2014 / 28 Award winners Results :   SMA01 – SILENT MANGA AUDITION® 2013 Theme : “Love Letter” September 2012 – March 2013 / 26 Award winners Results :   As an exhibitor : JAPAN EXPO : Paris, FRANCE – July 2013, July 2014  


SILENT MANGA AUDITION® 2013 Compilation Book, “LOVE LETTERS FROM THE WORLD” ( Japanese title : Sekai kara todoita Japanese Manga “Japanese Manga from the World”) ISBN978-4-905246-31-2   SILENT MANGA AUDITION® 2014 Compilation Book, “FINEST SMILES OF THE WORLD” ( Japanese title : Sekai ga Japanese Manga wo kaitemita “The world draws Japanese Manga”) ISBN978-4-905246-36-7    


Use of these images / data is declared public domain.  No authorisation required for reproduction, translation or any other uses online or on other medium, unless otherwise stated.   Full-Spread on Asahi-Shimbun ( Photo only – No reproduction ) Interview with Fujiko Fuji A sensei.   Anime Art Magazine 4 page AD: Colour, 4 pages. .PDF and .AI Data available SilentMangaAuditionAD-1 SilentMangaAuditionAD-2   Sora Zenon feat. SILENT MANGA AUDITION® Wall posters and display panels, .PDF and .AI Data available. BILINGUAL – Please translate the Japanese part, to your own language! Send us pictures of translated poster to receive gratitude pack from us 😉       SILENT MANGA AWARD 2015 Wall posters and display panels, .PDF and .AI Data available    


  To embrace the medium of SILENT MANGA, here at SILENT MANGA AUDITION COMMITTEE we have has produced various videos and adverts, to spread the message. We firmly believe our SILENT MANGA AUDITION® is the best way forward, for us to discover Manga talents from all corners of the world, and provide assistance for them, to make them succeed as professional artist, no matter where on Earth! We hope the message is illustrated clearly, and that you enjoy watching them, as much as we did creating them.  

VIDEO – AWARD 2015 Video Report


VIDEO – Award Opening

A conceptual video, of silent manga flying to Tokyo from around the world! Production : Kamikaze Douga    

VIDEO – Messages

Message video from the founder and representative director of the committee, Nobuhiko Horie – Former chief editor Weekly Shonen Jump, Weekly Comic Bunch, Currently CEO. Coamix corp.
Video Contents : Overview from the results of 2013 round / How “Manga” has become universal word, describing a specific, Japanese style of comics and not a merely translation of English word “comics” / The origin of Japanese manga is “Motion Picture on Paper”, with demonstrations from works by Osamu Tezuka.
“The Master Class” – Silent Manga Award 2015 Intro Video / Forewords to 2015

Video Contents: How SILENT MANGA AUDITION® is expanding / New classes, for variety of skill levels / “Rising Class” for those starting out / “Major Class” the league, for competent artists / “Master Class” for the proven elites, to prepare in becoming a professional debut / “Point System”  / How we see, raising “Osamu Tezuka” in countries around the world, is our priority.


VIDEO – “Silent Manga in MOTION” series

Proof of Concept, that a Manga is like “Motion Picture, drawn on paper”! vm01_skysky “Sky Sky” – Silent Manga in Motion – One of two winning Manga, in SILENT MANGA AUDITON® 2013
“Excuse Me”, One of two winning Manga, in SILENT MANGA AUDITON® 2013 vm03_roach_story Winner of 2013 Silent Manga Audition, “Roach Story” by Erwin Prasetya from Indonesia, is a story of a girl and a cockroach(!) in love… Based on original Silent Manga, by Erwin Prasetya from Indonesia. vm04_pure_love ” a Pure Love” – Silent Manga in Motion /  Base on original silent manga by Dee Juusan from Jordan. “Winner Runner-Up” of SILENT MANGA AUDITON® 2013     vm05_pure_love “Beginning and Farewell” – Silent Manga in Motion Based on original silent manga by Vincent Lange, from Germany. “Winner Runner-Up” of SILENT MANGA AUDITON® 2013     Award winners 2014 / Theme : “The Finest Smile” vm_b01_fathersgif “Father’s Gift” – Silent Manga in Motion / Based on original silent manga by Ichirou, from Brazil. “The Winner” of SILENT MANGA AUDITON® 2014 vm_b02_forward “Forward” – Silent Manga in Motion, based on original silent manga by Yoonmi, from the United States. “The Winner Runner-Up” of SILENT MANGA AUDITON® 2014 vm_b03_newhaircut Based on original silent manga by MAGE, from Indonesia. “The Winner Runner-Up” of SILENT MANGA AUDITON® 2014 “New Haircut” is a story of a young boy, and a sleeping baby. What he tries to save the baby, ends up in disaster… or will it?

  vm_b04_timeonthebus “Time on the Bus” – Silent Manga in Motion / Based on original silent manga by Vincent Lange, from Germany. “The Winner Runner-Up” of SILENT MANGA AUDITON® 2014

VIDEO – “Silent Manga in ACTION!”

Proof of concept series, that Manga, a “Motion picture on Paper” is a solid foundation, for motion picture production.

“SKY SKY” A motion picture based on Silent Manga
va02_excuse_me “EXCUSE ME” is a short movie based on a silent manga by Alex Irzaqi, the winner of SILENT MANGA AUDITON® 2013.

“EXCUSE ME” is a short movie based on a silent manga by Alex Irzaqi, the winner of SILENT MANGA AUDITON® 2013.

“Japanese Manga 101” series

For 2015 years, we have begun trial “One-Point” tutorials, as “Japanese Manga 101” series. Presented by the chairman Syuichi Mochida, and development manager Taiyo Nakashima themselves, each episode is a short tutorial, focusing on one element at a time.

[youtubeuserfeed user=UCEnqdJTx9rYBAO0s6Croabw service=youtube]



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