The Accidental Gaijin #8: Wasamon by Royal Appointment

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The long awaited Mother-in-Law visit has dawned and I’m still busy searching for entertaining activities that will firmly establish me as “Son-in-law #1”. Thankfully, my Kyushu born, architecture loving Japanese mother has taken matters into her own hands with a list of outstanding Tokyo landmarks to goggle at. Topping the list is an intriguing building […]

The Accidental Gaijin #6: Eclectic Electric Town Part 3

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With bargains in mind and flushed with enough sugar to rot the teeth of a small country, I slowly amble my way back to Akihabara’s main drag. Instantly regretting not asking my fellow Maid Cafe patrons about the location of this fantastic record sale, I did however gleam a name…Super Potato.   “Retro-futurist” paradise! Flickr/Danny […]

The Accidental Gaijin #5: Eclectic Electric Town, Part 2

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Electric Town! Z. Gallant   “My God, it’s full of stars!”…and with that, I plunged into the madness of Akihabara. With a main expressway, overshadowed by towering skyscrapers, a walk along Electric Town’s “main drag” conjures up visions of Luke, hurtling along the trench of a certain planet destroyer, but in place of an exhaust […]



WHAT IS MASTERCLASS? The Masterclass is an incredible opportunity, awarded to manga creators who produce work, above and beyond the expectations of the SILENT MANGA AUDITION® judging panel. Hosted by COAMIX, this exclusive class is open to artists who display the most manga making potential, no matter their level of technical ability, via a ‘point […]

Stranded in Manga – Chapter 2: How Did I Get Here?

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My first day fast approached, and after binge watching/reading more anime/manga than an angst laden, teenage emo, I felt ready to take up the mantle of Manga Editor in Training. Manga editing is another world away from the very British way of publishing I’d become accustomed to (lots of meetings with mountains of biscuits), so […]

…For All the ‘Manga’ in China

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New SMA Regional Rounds set to roll out in China Hi, As the newest member of the SILENT MANGA AUDITION® editorial team, I thought I’d introduce myself, along with some show-stopping news! SMAC!, the international event aimed at discovering the world’s hottest new comic book talent will now be holding exclusive, Region Only Events! The […]