Manga Nutcracker #26 – Billy Bat

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  Billy Bat Urasawa Naoki Original run  2008 -2016 Published by Kodansha     ” A mangaka gets embroiled in a series of suspenseful events in search for the true meaning behind his character”           …Is a bizarre story of a bat, who also happens to be a reputed private detective. […]

Weekend Yokai Hunter #10

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Hello again my ghoulish brethren and welcome back to another installment of every folklore fanatic’s favorite article… the Weekend Yokai Hunter! After finally untangling myself from that pesky roll of cloth, I have decided to shine a light on one of Japan’s most common, yet confusing Yokai…   …the KITSUNE!   Growing up in England, […]

Making a Mangaka: #14 Asano Inio

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“The voice of his generation”, Inio Asano has built a career to rival the greatest poets and musicians of our age. By transforming the personal struggles of his youth into beautifully melancholic manga, Asano has gifted the world his own unique take on pain, isolation and depression, and provided a lifeline to disenfranchised youth everywhere. […]

Manga nutcracker #25 – Akuma kun

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Akuma-kun ( Complete version) By Mizuki Shigeru Asahi sonorama 1984     “A boy will use the power of demons for a better world!”               From the master of Japanese folklore, this week we take a look at an amazing work from Yokai legend Mizuki Shigeru sensei… Akuma-kun. This […]

Weekend Yokai Hunter #9

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Welcome back to another installment of the Weekend Yokai Hunter, the creepiest corner in the SMAC! web magazine. Not to mention THE place to quench your thirst for spooky Japanese folklore! This week, I find myself wrapped up in one of Japan’s most recognizable Yokai…   …the ITTAN MOMEN!   Probably one of the simplest […]

Making a Mangaka: #13 Tite Kubo

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From battling the Weekly Shonen Jump deadline to defending humanity from evil spirits, this week’s #MakingAMangaka knows well the struggle for success. This week, I plunge into the spiritual mind of Bleach author, Tite Kubo!   Name: Tite Kubo (久保 帯人 Kubo Taito) Born: June 26, 1977 Place of Birth: Fuchū, Hiroshima, Japan Speciality: Mixing […]