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Q: What determines a successful manga idea?

By @0lilacsoul0 via Instagram    There are many factors, including… Ease of reading (composition) The theme you wish to convey  (a dramatic panel or scene) Attractive art style Rhythm of dialogue The...

Q: Is it ok to change previously agreed layouts and composition before informing the editor?

By Hadiyas Hanafi via Facebook   A: I can’t speak for the whole editorial team, but personally I welcome changes. In fact, I’d like to see more of them! The things that are decided in meetings...


Do you have a burning question that only a professional manga editor can answer? Well, you’re in luck! Starting today, our weekly feature “Ask an Editor” will offer you the chance to ask the Monthly...

Minoru Kasahara’s Profile

Name : Minoru Kasahara Hometown : Gunma Prefecture Editor in charge of : Fist of the Blue Sky REGENESIS Rojo-teki shojo Hinata-chan Fumino san no bungu na Nichijo Why did you decide to become a manga editor...

Keitaro Yokoyama’s Profile

Name : Keitaro Yokoyama Hometown : Tokyo Editor in charge of : Ikusa no Ko Alpi – the Soul Sender Witch of Thistle Castle Why did you decide to become a manga editor? “Manga saved my life! All throughout...



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