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SMAC! at the Tokyo Comic Con

In the Land of manga and anime, you would be forgiven for thinking American comic books struggle to find an audience in Japan. But with the explosion of live action super heroics, not least the astronomically...

Manga S.O.S. #3 – Making a SPLASH with composition!

Hello and welcome back guys!  It’s been an age since the last MANGA S.O.S. article but fear not, eager readers, as we’re back! For you newcomers out there, this series of articles aims to shine a light on the...

Kumamoto Manga Fes. & Manga Camp THE REPORT – The last days

The story so far … Over 50 international manga creators had been invited to Japan to take part in a unique and pioneering event… The Kumamoto International Manga Camp! Here, they attended workshops, run by...

SMA in Portugal’s Comic Con

Portugal is a small country with a huge history! The first, truly global empire, Portugal’s reach once stretched from South America to Japan during the height of the Age of Discovery. Today, this innocuous...

Kumamoto Manga Fes. & Manga Camp THE REPORT – Day 5

THE STORY SO FAR … After yesterday’s tremendous announcement about a Silent Manga Movie project, along with an unforgettable evening of Lion Dances and Dengaku, the Master Class start the 2nd day of the...



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