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Q: How do I decide the ending of my story?

By @candyjl via Instagram The ending of a manga series depends on the reason why its ending, personally I think is more useful to think by chapter. While concluding the end of a chapter in a manga, it is...

EX4 Interview #7 – Ichirou

PROFILE: Name: Ichirou Age: 27 Country: Brazil Favorite manga: Hard to answer… at this moment, Tungstênio is probably my favorite comic. Favorite movie: I’m not sure I really have a favorite, though Truman...

EX4 Interview #6 – Hyrohiku

PROFILE Name: Hyrohiku Age: 37 Country: Malaysia Favorite manga: The Bride’s Stories/Otoyomegatari, Yotsuba!, No Guns Life, Drifting Dragons/Kuutei Dragons and Atelier of Witch Hat Favorite movie: The...

SMA to unveil exciting new feature!!

SILENT MANGA AUDITION® is proud to announce an exciting new feature called… “Ask a Mangaka”! Starting from September, we are offering YOU the chance to ask a professional Japanese manga...

Q: What should I avoid when making a good first chapter?

By @poodpoopsie via Instagram There is nothing that you “shouldn’t” do in my opinion. The creator is free to use whatever style or composition he/she wants. However, though the creator has this freedom...



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