SMA8 Interview #3 – Akimichi (Honorable Mention Award Winner)

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A native of St. Petersburg, in the Russian Federation, Akimichi has been a regular contributor to Silent Manga Audition. From her experimental debut, Care, way back in SMA3, this prolific Mangaka has submitted a staggeringly impressive ten entries in total, with her latest First! winning her an SMA8 Honorable Mention Award. All this at the ripe old […]

Japan’s Most Popular Manga is “4koma” – “Ki-sho-Ten-ketsu” 2 – Japanese Manga 101 #050

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Last time, we talked about “Ki-Sho-Ten-Ketsu”. The 4 part construction method, originating from Chinese poems that became the absolute foundation of Japanese Manga. Today we are looking at it with actual examples!     The origin of today’s Japanese comic style, Manga, is said to have originated in the 1800, the Edo period. Named after […]