We become a family – One greeting at a time


Wahei is just an ordinary guy, who has nothing against his family, but thinks dealing with them is a bother. He just wants to live alone in comfort. But one day, he receives a letter from his father, along with a visit from 3 half-sisters. The letter says that the sisiters have no other relatives, so they should stay with Wahei. Wahei accepts reluctantly at first, but through his interactions with the sisters, he begins to remember the importance of family…

From the Editor:

The story of 4 people, who are not quite a family yet. Just as the tagline says, they become a family, one step at a time, by repeating everyday things like saying good morning’s and good night’s.
This story reminds you that a large part of your life is spent with your family, at home! Please enjoy this kind, heart-warming family tale.
Should “Good-Morning’s and Good-Night’s” be translated?
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