For Silent manga audition contestants only! We are giving away 100, time-limited, FULL version license of CLIP STUDIO PAINT PRO, the standard favoured by many top Manga artists! The software will run until 31st March 2015, The closing date of 2015 Silent manga audition. That should give you plenty of time from learning, to complete production 🙂 CLIP STUDIO PAINT (a.k.a. MANGA STUDIO 5) is the standard painting tool for creating digital contents such as manga and illustration.  Since its release from CELSYS, Inc. in May 2012, more than 600,000 users around the world have chosen CLIP STUDIO PAINT as their primary tool.  Currently, CLIP STUDIO PAINT is offered in 5 major languages, English, Chinese (Traditional) and Japanese. French and Spanish beta versions are available. This is your chance to learn and master the finest weapon of choice, as chosen by many professional artists in the industry! Celsys, inc. – The maker of industry standard suite of applications including Comic Studio, Illust Studio, CLIP STUDIO PAINT and RETAS! ;- the leading system used in the Japanese Anime industry! To claim your time-limited, full version license of CLIP STUDIO PAINT, please follow our Twitter account, @SilentMangaComm and simply tweet what you will draw, with hashtag  Winners will be chosen by the committee,  lucky winners will be contacted via Twitter 🙂