Manga HOT app worldwide launch (Japanese only)

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Exciting new app from COAMIX Inc. & Comic Zenon, available FREE for Apple and Android.  Manga HOT is a game-changing new app for all things MANGA! Available for both iOS and Android devices, this pioneering new resource allows you to explore the exciting world of Japanese and International Manga, all from the comfort of your […]

Dai’s Profile

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Dai Miyazaki Born in Setagaya, Tokyo History : Studied at art college learning art, before joining Coamix. At the moment I’m an editor apprentice with Mayu, assigned at SMAC! Editorial team. Manga that influenced me: “CITY HUNTER”, “BLACK JACK” “Gallery Fake” I always loved manga that mix both “Serious” and “Comedy”, with protagonists of diverse […]

Mocchi’s Profile

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Syuichi Mochida “Mocchi” Born in Nara Prefecture Studied at Meiji University. After working at a private cramming school, begun work in the publishing industry. While working as a journalist for “Bart” magazine by Shueisha, the chief editor Nobuhiko Horie assigned him as the Manga editor in charge, of Tetsuo Hara. He has been working in […]

Mayu’s Profile

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Mayuna Mizutani Born in Kanagawa, Japan History: From 4 to 9 years old, I lived in Australia. I studied liberal arts at college, and my major was history. I have worked for Coamix since August 2014, 6 months for the editor’s team, and the rest for SMAC! Manga that influenced me: ‘Kimi ni Tomodachi ga […]

Andrew’s Profile

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Name: Andrew Born in Pretoria, South Africa I’ve lived in 3 countries: South Africa, Japan & Taiwan. I’m currently working as an Editor on the SMAC! Editorial Team. I write & translate articles for the website, answer your queries, and most importantly, help to create new manga 🙂 Some of my favorite Manga/Anime are: Dragonball Z, […]