SMA8 Interview #4 – Sideburn004 (Grand Prix Winner)

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As the first Russian Grand Prix winner of Silent Manga Audition, Sideburn004 has no doubt awoken a keen interest in manga in her Mother Russia, inspiring countless aspiring creators. With her first stab at success way back in SMA2, this tireless Russian Mangaka entered TWO work’s to SMA8, with the enigmatic Checkmate securing her the […]

SMA8 Interview #3 – Akimichi (Honorable Mention Award Winner)

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A native of St. Petersburg, in the Russian Federation, Akimichi has been a regular contributor to Silent Manga Audition. From her experimental debut, Care, way back in SMA3, this prolific Mangaka has submitted a staggeringly impressive ten entries in total, with her latest First! winning her an SMA8 Honorable Mention Award. All this at the ripe old […]

Stranded in Manga – Chapter 2: How Did I Get Here?

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My first day fast approached, and after binge watching/reading more anime/manga than an angst laden, teenage emo, I felt ready to take up the mantle of Manga Editor in Training. Manga editing is another world away from the very British way of publishing I’d become accustomed to (lots of meetings with mountains of biscuits), so […]

The Day of Judgment: SMA8

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The day has finally dawned. A day eagerly anticipated, with equal lashings of dread, by the world’s most talented mangaka. Today, 14th December, 2018, is the final judging of SILENT MANGA AUDITION® 8. In an innocuous room in Coamix HQ, nestled in Kichijoji, a vibrant suburb of Tokyo, we editors of ‘SMAC!’ frantically finish prepping. As […]

…For All the ‘Manga’ in China

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New SMA Regional Rounds set to roll out in China Hi, As the newest member of the SILENT MANGA AUDITION® editorial team, I thought I’d introduce myself, along with some show-stopping news! SMAC!, the international event aimed at discovering the world’s hottest new comic book talent will now be holding exclusive, Region Only Events! The […]

Manga HOT app worldwide launch (Japanese only)

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Exciting new app from COAMIX Inc. & Comic Zenon, available FREE for Apple and Android.  Manga HOT is a game-changing new app for all things MANGA! Available for both iOS and Android devices, this pioneering new resource allows you to explore the exciting world of Japanese and International Manga, all from the comfort of your […]

Dai’s Profile

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Dai Miyazaki Born in Setagaya, Tokyo History : Studied at art college learning art, before joining Coamix. At the moment I’m an editor apprentice with Mayu, assigned at SMAC! Editorial team. Manga that influenced me: “CITY HUNTER”, “BLACK JACK” “Gallery Fake” I always loved manga that mix both “Serious” and “Comedy”, with protagonists of diverse […]

Mocchi’s Profile

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Syuichi Mochida “Mocchi” Born in Nara Prefecture Studied at Meiji University. After working at a private cramming school, begun work in the publishing industry. While working as a journalist for “Bart” magazine by Shueisha, the chief editor Nobuhiko Horie assigned him as the Manga editor in charge, of Tetsuo Hara. He has been working in […]