Silint Manga Audition 2015 Summer

Have you ever received a gift that really brightened up your day? Maybe it wasn’t something off-the-shelf, but a special hand-crafted labour of love. Or perhaps it was just cheap rubbish to someone else, but to you, it was something very special. Or maybe your gift is a skill or ability, a gift given to you by God. What does “Charming” mean in your area? Is it something/someone pretty? Maybe magical? Has anybody put a charm on you? Maybe it was you, who put the magic spell on someone? Do you keep your “lucky charm” with you, that nobody knows about? Capture that moment and turn it into a SILENT MANGA!  


A global competition of Manga (Japanese style comics) that anybody, anywhere can enter. There is only one rule: NO LANGUAGE ALLOWED. You must use your drawing abilities alone to create a compelling story manga around the set theme. (Use of onomatopoeia is allowed.)

Your manga will be reviewed and accessed  by several legendary masters of Manga, including Nobuhiko Horie, Tetsuo Hara, Tsukasa Hojo and a team of professional manga editors.

Winners will be given special privileges, including an invitation to JAPAN, production support to create more Manga, training and advice from the pros… and much more!

This is the MOST DIRECT WAY TO ENTER THE WORLD OF JAPANESE MANGA, all from the comfort of your own home!

how to enter the competition